A Decade of Making Music…

I started recording my first few ideas with some friends in College…and also made some home recordings on a 4-track (A few people still have that cassette!) But my first real project was “Closer To Home,” released back in the early 2000’s…and engineered with longtime friend & producer Jon Anderson at his old studio (RIP Basement Winter). I was primarily a drummer, struggling to put my first few songs to tape…and somehow a wonderful little EP of folk/alt-country is what resulted.

Life has taken a lot of different twists and turns since then, but I’ve continued to work on polishing my craft and learn the art of songwriting…what a wonderful gift! As I look back on a decade of writing there are a number of songs that have stood the test of time…some of your favourites and some of mine.

I took some time recently to assemble a retrospective best-of collection of my recordings from 2004 to 2014. The collection includes material from my first EP all the way up to recent EP, Sketches For Summer. The album is entitled “Stay With Me” (The Best Of 2004-2014).

The album is now out on iTunes! (Get it HERE on iTunes)

You can also get the album off of bandcamp (however, the iTunes version has a few extra songs on it!) Check out the link below to download from bandcamp…feel free to share/post the album online…and stay tuned for more music this coming year. Thanks for listening!

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